Resistible, a surprising and elegant range of tableware

Lightweight, strong, and with a voluptuous feel, Resistible is our essential range of tableware for business class. Secrets of its elegance.

Smooth lines

Designed by Samuel Accoceberry, Resistible tableware embodies all the values of dining fine arts. All curvy, it will seduce your most demanding guests.

A highly refined material

The strength of the Resistible series? What it is made of: melamine, light, unbreakable, and with a silky touch. So many features worked to convey the beauty of porcelain, even in its ivory colour.

A sturdy and delicate tableware

Both robust and delicate, the Resistible series is scratch-resistant and shockproof. Easy to use by cabin crew, its strength and weight provide a comfortable service and clearing environment. And its durability will make it an economical choice by avoiding the need to replace broken parts.

scratch resistant

Shock resistant

A lightweight set of tableware

When it comes to airline catering, weight is a key feature to success. The Resistible material reproduces the visual and touch features of porcelain, but weighs up to 36%* less than porcelain. A considerable advantage in the face of current environmental challenges.
*Difference observed on 8 melamine pieces, compared to their porcelain equivalent

lighter than porcelain

of CO2 / flight (for onboard service of 42 business class passengers)

The key words of Resistible

A range of melamine tableware, elegance, lightweight, soft touch, robustness, durability.