Our guiding observation

We all share the same planet – we won’t get a second chance, and we need to be aware of that.

Sourcing products from the other side of the world to consume them here is just not an option any more.

Globalization is no longer the model of the future – we need to start consuming locally again and, above all, consume in a meaningful way.

This wake-up call served as a guide as we redefined our convictions. And those convictions now guide all the actions we undertake:

We want to make products from a local natural resource which is biodegradable, recyclable and available in abundance: wood fibers.

  • Here at USEO, we manufacture and package products made from wood fibers, such as cutlery packs, lids and containers for tableware and food services.

It is essential to control the source of raw materials.

  • Here at USEO, we work to extremely high product health and safety standards. Most of our products are made from wood fibers that are FSC and PEFC certified.
  • USEO production sites are BRC certified.

Safeguarding jobs in France:

  • Here at USEO, we are convinced it is possible to make high-quality, stylish, useful products that are kind to the environment, at affordable prices. That’s why we promote the development of the local economy and defend our know-how by making sure we keep and grow our expert skills in France.