Produce and think about the planet at the same time

We are continuously working, but we are aware that this is not enough.
We are exploring all the possibilities to achieve this. We have found that as of today there is no single or universal solution applying to all of our products. That is why we are constantly looking for the most sustainable and pragmatic innovations, without compromising the features of our products, to keep in step with the challenges faced by our customers.

Our commitments: reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink

From the choice of materials, to design, to our production sites and end-of-life management of our products, we adopt a global approach. Proof of its effectiveness: we have reduced the weight of material used for our Origami cutlery by 25% thanks to a complete redesign.

This approach meets 4 challenges, the 4Rs :


the number and weight of materials used, transportation costs…


materials, products, packaging…


raw materials, products, energy needed for our processes…


uses, move to the economy of gestures, materials, objects…

Because our approach is global, we monitor the impact of our production site :

  • No gas emissions or polluted water.
  • Use of electric presses that reduce our water and electricity consumption.
  • Process for heat recovery from the cooling system of presses to provide heat for the plant and water.