We ensure the highest technical standards for our products

Our commitment: meet the quality and hygiene requirements of our products in order to offer our customers reliable and expert solutions.
Our industry knowledge allows us to offer a qualified and tailor-made level of service, in a continuous process of adaptation. We believe that if innovation is not seen, it is lived: we are committed to ensuring that our ranges are functional, durable and reliable. A guarantee of our commitment to quality: our production sites are located in Europe, for a perfect control of the design and manufacturing chain.

Our commitments: provide a high level of professional service to each of our clients

We work in 3 fields of expertise :

Airline Catering

Food Retail

Food Service

Sectors governed by rules and specific requirements that our 30 years of experience allow us to master. By diversifying our activities, we develop our projects with efficiency and flexibility. Each industry, with its know-how, thus constitutes a distinct and unique value creation level.

Our quality is BRCGS certified.

Because our cutlery ranges come into contact with food, they must be of outstanding quality, and their production is carried out in strict compliance with hygiene and traceability standards. Proof of our promise: our manufacturing process is BRCGS Packaging AA certified, the highest level of requirement of this international standard that assesses the conformity of the activities of food processing or packaging companies. So that, wherever you are in the world, you can share or offer a moment of life in complete confidence.

What is the BRCGS Packaging AA certification?

  • an unwavering commitment from our management,
  • a quality management system based on responsibility,
  • a management of human and material resources in line with these challenges,
  • a manufacturing process that ensures product traceability,
  • and permanent internal improvement measures.

Our challenge for tomorrow: safeguard our business close to our clients.

Our industrial model has always been based on production in France and Europe. In support of this responsibility, a force: our capacity for technical innovation, which allows us to automate our manufacturing and packaging processes. Our teams work daily to remain competitive in the face of fierce competition while guaranteeing a sustainable level of quality. A challenge at the heart of our commitment for the future.