How to restore the uniqueness and originality of a cutlery collection? By combining creativity, technical know-how and respect for the environment. Unique cutlery is both identical and different from each other. Review of details.

Colorful and customizable

To create the Unique cutlery collection, the coloured material is injected into the very heart of their handles. The advantage? It is personalised according to the brand’s visual identity or the moment to live.

Amazing and unique

Each cutlery is unique. The injected shapes are irregular and create an aesthetic uniqueness. Instead of wanting to correct this asperity, we have detected the particular beauty of the Unique product range.

Eco-designed and reusable

What is our challenge at the design stage? Inject material into the cutlery while ensuring its food safety. A bet taken: Today, the Unique range is made of up to 30% recycled material. Dishwasher safe, they can be reused more than 20 times.

Presentable in all circumstances

Available as a transparent cutlery for home, as cutlery packs for travelling, as rolled packs for on-board services, as self-service displays for events… the Unique range adapts to all occasions, and to all moments of life.
Many colors available by default. An infinite number of customizable shades.
Washable and reusable more than 20 times

The key words of the unique range

A range of cutlerys unique, ecodesign, uniqueness, personalization, durability, adaptability.