The future is part of our commitment

The world is changing, and USEO is responding to the major changes.
For more than 30 years, we have been designing solutions and developing innovative industrial processes, always with one single objective in mind: offer you the best solutions for today and tomorrow.

By integrating and optimizing the uses of our products, constantly refining our choice of raw materials, and manufacturing with our quality and safety standards. To do this, we place our customers and users at the heart of our thinking. To ensure that our today’s solutions are in line with tomorrow’s world.

Our expertise

We imagine, design and industrialize ranges of cutlery, packs, glasses, cups, technical products (trolley equipment), party products, individual or personalized products. We are partners with major market players in sectors such as travel catering (airlines, railway companies and sea cruisers), foodservice, hotels, events and food retail.

Our approach to distribution allows us to have a thorough understanding of all markets and technical or creative trends.

Our core principles


We are an industrial company. Since the foundation of our group, we have been constantly searching for the most suitable materials for our markets. Within our production sites located in Europe, our development teams integrate them into our processes as soon as they are selected.


For us, hygiene and traceability are unmissable in the manufacture of our products.

Sustainable Development

More than a mere awareness, sustainable development is an essential prerequisite and an objective to be achieved in each of our projects.

Client Satisfaction

Our customers’ businesses and challenges are our own. We provide technical advice and support to meet their needs to the fullest.


Combining aesthetics and functionality, a challenge that truly motivates us. The greatest designers, who are behind the trends, sign some of our product ranges.

We are much more than a French SME

We are men and women who share millions of convivial moments in the manufacture of our products. Efficiency is what drives us, as well as curiosity and creativity. We do not think that tomorrow will be any easier and that is what motivates us to go even further, with determination, imagination and passion.

Independent French company

2 core competencies: injection molding and packaging

Production sites in Europe

International presence in more than 30 countries

Our 3 main experiences

In our approach of continuous improvement, we are expanding in 3 areas:

Sustainable Development

Produce and think about the planet at the same time.

Technical expertise

We ensure the highest technical standards of our products.


Continuously provide innovation through design.

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