Our innovation is based on design

We develop and manufacture solutions that address the customer experience. The renowned designers with whom we collaborate bring us their expertise, their vision, investigate trends and guide us down unexplored paths. We design product concepts that are intelligent and intelligible, accessible to all users.

Our commitments: increase usefulness value

The user is always at the heart of our design process :

Their gestures, habits and life times integrate the creative phases of each of our products from the very beginning. And design allows us to build this link between the object and the quality of life, between functionality and aesthetics. Because users are constantly evolving, we invite the greatest designers to enrich our vision. Experts in trends, the improvement of customer experience constantly guides their thinking. Combined with our industrial expertise, we innovate together to create products that fully reflect the moments of life they accompany.

U-ME, the modular meal tray

We wanted U-Me to be a modular meal tray that is fun, easy to use and easy to transport. Designed in collaboration with Studio Starck, this tray with its sleek and simple design can meet any requirement !

Result :

  • An ergonomic and flexible solution: containers of three different sizes can be combined thanks to the tray’s pin system. Everyone is free to create their own unique solution !
  • The trays are stackable and stable, always thanks to the pin system. They cannot slide on top of each other both during transportation and when leaving the cardboard box during dinner time.